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Client Testimonials


Geethanjali Goel

My First experience of CST was with Mirai. 
Entered with no expectations. 
Left physically  & emotionally changed ... all in just one hour ! 
Shifts & releases were marked. I came with muscle pains, post traumatic stress .. anxiety & negative cycle of thoughts. 
Mirai is gentle, encouraging & yet so effective.
She created  visualisations that I return to, to soothe my thoughts. 
She began my journey of healing. 
Cannot thank her enough. 

Zerin Sahai

My grandson still remembers Mirai as the lady who relaxed him and made him feel like a butterfly!
I went back to Mirai when Temporal Arteritis, steroids, ESR, CRP, headaches became part of my vocabulary and life. After a few sessions of CST my head felt so much better. Mirai made me feel all would come back to normal as I knew it. 
I was so amazed when the ESR and CRP numbers which were stubbornly stuck even with steroids came down. 
Difficult to put into words, Mirai soothes and makes you feel all will be well!

Devika Sandill

Both my parents had been to Mirai Aunty for CST sessions and came back raving but I'd always been sceptical. It was when I was stuck with a bad ankle thanks to a nasty fall that my mum suggested I give Mirai Aunty's therapy a shot.
I had an hour long session with Mirai Aunty, and I cannot describe how I felt. I have no idea what she did, despite how honestly and clearly she communicated the process to me. But when I walked out of that session, I felt so rejuvenated and my ankle pain was  completely gone! If I hadn't known how much grief it had given me, I might have wondered if my ankle had even been a problem at all.  She has MAGIC in her hands

Nicky Sawhney

CST a healing therapy rescued me from 3 chronic health problems which I had for years.A wonderful non invasive therapy which sets the body and mind right. My thinking became clear and sharp, became a happy person reduced my medicines and feel good. It teaches one to listen to ones body and act accordingly.Mirai a thorough professional and continues to travel to seminars all over the world to help people feel brand new!