What is biodynamic craniosacral therapy?


An amazing therapy based on the innate intelligence of the human system.  The body has the tendency to repair itself that is natural and innate. From the time of conception there is a blueprint of perfect health put down for a particular person.


Each session is 45mins approximately and involves a non-imposing, negotiated touch that is as light as a butterfly alighting on a flower. The practitioner meets the clients system in a spacious manner sans judgment, expectation or intention, just empathy. All the practitioner does is orient to the inherent health of the client.  Natural healing takes place. This kind of environment and touch helps create a balance of internal and external awareness and takes us back to the first moments of growth and development before experience and trauma changed and patterned our bodies and behavior. To shake off the baggage of mental, emotional, and physical load and feel whole and light again! What more can one ask for in this fast paced, dog eat dog world that we live in today?


“Health never expires-it transpires”. It never increases or decreases but can be trapped.


All the remedies necessary to health exist within your body. Even in chronic or advanced cases of illness, the original intention of health – our blueprint of perfect health is always present.


 We all carry within our tissues unresolved trauma of some kind, which could be physical, mental or emotional, caused by the environment, birth process, relationships, accidents etc. This trauma could have been so overwhelming that it leaves patterns or conditional forces that stay trapped in our systems. BCST provides a contained environment that involves a negotiated, non-imposing touch and practitioner presence that is empathetic, yet holds no expectation or judgment but only orients to the inherent health of the client. It helps us to go back to a safe place, where we can be in touch with that blueprint of perfect health, and leads to the body and brain reprogramming themselves.


To me as a practitioner, BCST is the most magical experience I have ever had and had the opportunity to study. I have come back in touch with the confident, happy go lucky person I used to be, when I was in school. Patterns of experience that had reshaped me mentally, emotionally and physically have actually been altered with sessions.


The fact that as a student, I have been able to reach out and help numerous people, who have tried various other therapies and had lost hope, is really amazing. I am also a yoga practitioner and BCST completely reinforces my belief in the union of the mind, body and spirit. There has in fact been a marked improvement in the relaxation and meditation phase of my yoga, which has a lot to do with the experiential exercises of BCST that I have been practicing.


What CST can help with:


Birth trauma

Bladder conditions

Bone disorders

Breastfeeding difficulties

Breathing disorders


Car accidents

Cerebral palsy

Chronic fatigue

Colic Constipation

Dental trauma


Digestive problems



Emotional issues



Fluid retention

Forceps delivery



High blood pressure

Hormonal issues



Irregular head shape

Jaw problems

Joint disorders

Low immunity

Menstrual pain


Morning sickness

Muscular pain

Nervous disorders


Postnatal depression

Post-operative recovery

Premature birth



Sleep disorders







Vaccination side effects

Visual problems