Mirai Rao – CST Practitioner/Assistant tutor with Body Intelligence

Sports and love of the outdoors are foremost among my childhood memories. Right through school I excelled in athletics and basketball. Later I became aware of physical fitness and trained to become a certified RPM instructor with Lesmils. It was while training to be a yoga instructor that I realised the importance of “breath” and the way it impacted the physical, physiological, emotional and mental spheres of a human being. I discovered a whole new dimension.

My introduction to Cranial Sacral Therapy (CST) happened about 6 years ago – my mother had an auto immune disorder which went undiagnosed for several years. Though she had been examined and tested by several specialists and consultants. Each one only concentrated on his particular area of expertise. After impacting various parts of her body her nervous system was severely hit. She was given strong doses of steroids and finally chemotherapy. Miraculously one of our relatives who came to visit did three session of CST and we could see the "beginnings" of change. I tried a session myself and that was the beginning of a path breaking journey in my life. I then started as a CST student and worked with my mother, a year later midway through the course "lo and behold" she was back to normal. This was with no expectation at all. There were a couple of other amazing case studies with fantastic results too.

Cranial Sacral Therapy and Body Intelligence has taught me “Body awareness” and “Mindfulness”. I am now a fully qualified CST practitioner/assistant tutor. Apart from the 2 year training in India, I have actively participated in a number of post graduate courses. Among my favourite learning experiences as a practitioner/therapist are 3 courses at the “Karuna Institute” in Devon, UK under the tutelage of the renowned Franklyn Sills and his lovely wife Cherionna. The in-house courses conducted in their old Manor house on the beautiful Devon moors created an ambience that awakened the soul. The spiritual experience of “Awakening of the Heart”, “Embodiment & Embryology” and “Deepening into Primary Respiration” was magical. Another outstanding course was conducted by Steve Haines in Auckland, NZ on “Emotion” and Understanding the “Heart, Throat, Belly and Brain”.

I owe a huge debt of gratitude to Ged Sumner and Body Intelligence who got me started on this path. Ged is responsible for my initial training and encouraging me to become an assistant tutor with Body Intelligence and for guiding me through the following Post graduate courses –

The Face in depth – Simon Gosling Mothers and Babies – Lolly Dadley Moore Biodynamics of Blood – Ged Sumner The Brain in depth – Ged Sumner

The Heart, Throat, Belly and Brain - Steve Haines

5 Elemental Chikung Courses (Water, Earth, Fire, Wood, Metal) – Ged Sumner

I have also actively participated in workshops on Chikung, Breath work, Somatic Experiencing and the Alexander technique. I am passionate about CST and practice it to the best of my ability. Every session I do, re-affirms my belief in the amazing work of the creator.

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